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Clinical Study Results

  • PRAXBIND ® - Hemorrhage
    Clinical Study Number 1321.3
    Study Indication Hemorrhage
    Product PRAXBIND ®
    Generic Name Idarucizumab
    Lab Code
    Clinical Phase III
    Study Title

    A Phase III, case series clinical study of the reversal of the anticoagulant effects of dabigatran by intravenous administration of 5.0 g idarucizumab (BI 655075) in patients treated with dabigatran etexilate who have uncontrolled bleeding or require emergency surgery or procedures. RE-VERSE-AD (A study of the RE-VERSal Effects of Idarucizumab on Active Dabigatran) trial

    Study Document Lay summary 1321.3 english

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