Value through Innovation27 July 2016

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Clinical Study Results

  • Tiotropium + BI 54903 - Asthma
    Clinical Study Number 1298.3
    Study Indication Asthma
    Product Tiotropium + BI 54903
    Generic Name Tiotropium + BI 54903
    Lab Code
    Clinical Phase II
    Study Title

    A single dose, randomised, placebo-controlled, double-blind, 5-way crossover (employing an incomplete block design), efficacy (including 24-h pulmonary function tests) and safety comparison of Tiotropium/BI 54903 FDC ethanolic inhalation solution via Respimat® (doses of 1.23 μg/363.6 μg, 2.46 μg/363.6 μg or 4.93 μg/363.6 μg) versus free combination of Tiotropium aqueous inhalation solution via Respimat® (doses of 0, 2.5 μg, 5 μg or 10 μg) plus BI 54903 ethanolic inhalation solution via Respimat® (dose of 363.6 μg ) in patients with asthma

    Study Document
    Trial statement 1298.3 english